Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Marching on

Is it just me or does this month seem like it should be March? So totally un January like weather. Snow on the mountains...

Poplar trees in bud....

(My magnolia still has buds) and green things starting to push up in the not frozen ground. 

Yesterday it snowed most of the day, big fat wet snowflakes, and then it rained all night. We went from 3 inches of snow to this:

and this:

The ground is saturated from all the rain/wet snow making the top part of my horse pens a muddy mess. This certainly is not the La Nina winter they forecasted. 

I am taking Moondance for walks, he's at that stage where he's really bored and this warm weather is nice for me to get out and go for walks with him. 
He sure looks like his daddy in this photo.

Mama Belle keeps an eye on him when I take him out and if she even gets a glimpse of him through the trees she calls to him.

I hear you, mama!
Today when we went out, I had to laugh, every time he had to step across a stick or a log he wanted to either pick it up or bite it. 
I could pony him, but the in hand experience is more what he needs right now, learning his manners on the lead line and discovering that I can control his youthful exuberance. It's all about patience with these yearling colts, and it's fun watching him learn, watching him stop and think until he figures things out.
Tomorrow, I will try leading him while Ted leads Beamer beside him, it will get both boys out and I hope to eventually take Beamer on little rides ponying Moondance. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics play out! It will give Beamer a purpose for being ridden too.


Far Side of Fifty said...

That should be an adventure...Beamer is so laid back it should go well:)

Linda said...

It’s like spring here, too. We had a bad windstorm that blew our hay hut about 10 acres over. The horses were all huddled together when the sun rose. Foxy Mama and BG surrounded the boy, Tumbleweed, protecting him. So I know all about protective mamas! I can’t wait to hear how it goes with Beamer and Moondance.

aurora said...

It is not just you. The weirdness in the world continues, throughout most everything. The unexpected is beginning to be the norm, and that includes nature. Interesting you chose Beamer for walk-a-bouts with Moondance. I would think that would be more challenging than one of the girls - but then again, it's Beamer. I am a huge Moondance fan and love reading about your training interactions with him!! Rio has always been my fav, but Moondance is a standout. I only wish I had a Beamer baby of my own, with his easy going demeanor. If I was an younger active rider/showing, I would be asking you to make me one of your Beamer babies - just like Moondance <3

Shirley said...

Aurora- the baby Belle is carrying will be your last chance at a Rio/Moondance sibling. News forthcoming!

lytha said...

Picking things up like a dog - same here. Mag sees something, "OOOH, PINECONE, MINE!"

It's my favorite thing, when he walks along with his nose to the ground like a dog, sniffing and picking things up. I will never discourage that.

aurora said...

:( I mean :) you sound excited about the upcoming news, and I will be happy for you. If that's the case, I really hope their last baby is a filly for your sake!! It wouldn't be fair of me to get another horse, just so they can sit around being pasture pets. Doesn't stop me from wanting one!