Thursday, February 25, 2021

Camera woes

Lately I can't get the battery on my big camera (Nikon 3100) to hold a charge for more than 6 photos, plus I can only use the zoom lens on it which restricts what I can use it for. I started looking online for a replacement camera that has a good zoom and the only affordable ones for me are the fixed lens cameras. The Nikon B500 looks like it might work for me. I tried to buy it online from London Drugs but all my info disappeared which totally freaked me out! So I may try a camera shop in a nearby city and get them to bring it in for me.
Yesterday, I only managed 3 photos before the battery cratered. Yes I know I can buy another battery but this camera is so limited it's time for a new one. 
Yesterday's photo was the lovely Jayne!

She is the sweetest mare I have ever owned. Very quiet, not a pocket pony at all. She fit into the herd so smoothly just by being respectful of the other horses. I think a large part of that is from her being in a large broodmare band for 6 years but I'm betting it is mostly just her innate personality. I am so looking forward to her foal; I hope it has that same attitude.

I got a Drifter update too! 

This was his first saddling since the fall, and she said he was like an ole broke horse. They are ready to put him in training. Another happy customer!



aurora said...

With technology sometimes it is just better to upgrade. Have you looked into the Olympus line? I see more and more photographers using them. B & H Photo is who I use for online. A good place (US, so understandably not a buying option) to look, even if for reference. I know there are some really good fixed lens cameras out there. Good luck, shopping for a new camera is hard. Have you considered a good phone camera? I am using mine a lot and decided to stick with that for a small carry option.

Linda said...

I love a horse with a sweet personality. Leah is like that, and I am considering breeding her this year to carry that on.

You did so much with Drifter, I'm not surprised he was like an old broke horse. Is he still a stud?

I just finished a post on T'weed. He's going back to training March 11th. It gets him away from all my mares coming into heat and flirting with him--something he seems to want a break from anyway.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I just sent my camera away to get cleaned and to get the auto focus fixed. I thought about buying a new camera...but decided to try a fix first. I have a point and shoot Canon and old one to use.
Fun to see a photo of Drifter!

Shirley said...

Linda- yes, Drifter is slated to remain a stallion.
Aurora- I don't want to upgrade my phone, it's a Samsung A5 and takes pretty good photos- I don't want to have to get into another phone contract as the option I have on this one of free calling to the USA is not transferrable.

aurora said...

Good reason to stick with the phone you have, especially if you are happy with it's camera.